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AZ500 Air Freshener Dispenser

Product Code: AZ500

  • Key locking system to prevent for pilferage.
  • Optional Day/Night/24 Hours working mode with integrated light sensor.
  • Flexible adjustable spray interval setting : 7.5/15/30 mins.
  • Able to suit most of the market’s SHORT can and TALL can sizes.
  • Integrated metal necking for better aerosol can holding.
  • Suitable to wall mounting or place on flat surface.
  • On/Off mode switch.
  • Self-diagnose system to check circuit run properly and fault indicator.
  • Low battery indicator light.
  • 2pcs D Size battery. Up to 6 months battery life per cycle of battery. (Depend on setting of spray interval)
  • 30units/ carton.